Police seals KIPS gulberg campus for inadequate security measures

LAHORE: Police has sealed KIPS Gulberg campus for not taking adequate security measures on Thursday.

According to sources, the Police on its audit visit according to the power conferred on under Punjab Security Vulnerable Establishment Ordinance 2015, visited KIPS Gulberg campus near 7up bridge and found inadequate measures.

Under section 14 of the PSVEO 2015, the premises have been sealed and an FIR has been lodged against the administration.

The Police earlier sent notices to take security measure to the same campus under section 10 of PSVEO 2015 when they found inadequate security measures.

“It is not only danger to the institute but also the students who are currently studying in the campus”, the Police added.

The FIR has been lodged in the Gulberg Police Station of Lahore and a copy has been sent to the KIPS administration.