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Police Recent Claims Contradict Previous Investigations

While the law enforcement agencies and the Punjab government apparently claimed to have solved Zainab’s murder case, the revelation that the suspected murderer was a serial killer whose DNA samples matched previous victims of abuse and murder in Kasur has made the case more complicated.

With the Kasur police having previously claimed to have killed in alleged police encounters, two other suspected murderers Amanat and Mudassir, the recent revelation that Imran was behind the murder of the same girls has raised serious questions over the previous and the ongoing investigations.

If the suspected serial killer Imran’s DNA samples have matched all the victims in Kasur, then who were Amanat and Mudassir? Who were these suspects that had been killed in police encounter? And more importantly, who gave police the ‘license to kill?’

Questions pertaining to the ‘encounter killing’ of suspected murderers in cases of abuse in Kasur are being raised amid speculation that the previous arrests and subsequent ‘killings’ by the police as well as the current arrest of Imran are a cover up in a case that is far more complicated.

The recent claims by a senior journalist regarding Imran allegedly holding 37 bank accounts has further made the entire investigation, by the Punjab government and the Punjab police regarding the recent Zainab case, questionable. But questions are being raised as to who is behind Imran and whether they will ever be exposed.

Several questions still remain unanswered over not just the Zainab murder case but also the previous Kasur cases that the police had earlier claimed to have solved.