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Police personnel aged over 50 to be kept away from PTI sit-in

ISLAMABAD: Officials of capital city police are preparing their final list of police officers for performing duties on 2nd November during the sit-in of Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI) in the city.

The sources have revealed that the concerned wings of the police have been asked to prepare two lists of officials from the rank of constable to inspector; one list consists of those below the age of 50 and one for those over the age of 50.

Moreover, it has been reported that those police officers who have age more than 50, would not be deployed in the city during the PTI protest.

The officials above the age of 50 would be deployed in the police stations and buildings except those located in Red Zone of Islamabad.

Moreover, those police officials would perform patrolling and picket duties away from the Red Zone and the area given to the PTI for the protest.

Those officials would also be responsible to turn the routine schedule of the police stations including maintaining police registers besides attending emergency calls. The personnel below the age of 50 will be tasked with maintaining peace during the protest.

A police official on the condition of anonymity told us that keeping in view the two previous experiences regarding protests of PTI and PAT, senior police officials decided to devise new strategy. He also said that it’s not clear how long the PTI would continue its protest in the city.