Police launch search operation in Punjab University

Lahore: Police has started search operation in hostels of Punjab University to apprehend those who were behind today’s brawl.

On Tuesday scuffle broke out between two student groups, students of IR department who were celebrating the Pashtun Culture Day and the Islami Jamiat Talba who organized another event in front of Faisal Auditorium.

The slogans against each other turned into heavy fight when one group putted the camp of other on fire. Several students got injured in the brawl as the both groups pelted stones on each other.

The police was being called by the staff of the university which controlled the situation through shelling of tear gas. Two policemen also became the victim of stones.

Eight students were being arrested while police is conduction operation to apprehend others for interrogation purpose. SP city and SP Iqbal Town also reached Punjab University.

Clashes among student groups are common in Punjab University in which often involves and initiated by Jamiat. In the start of February a fight over the joint sitting of male and female students turned into serious clash when students attacked each other. Several also got injured in that incident and police, very difficultly, controlled the situation by heavy shelling.