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Police has stopped our food supply, informs Imran Khan


Bani Gala: PTI chief Imran Khan has said that police have stopped the supply of their food and water.

Imran Khan added that the police have also blocked the way for their workers and are stopping them to come to Bani Gala.

Moreover, he asked Justice Siddiqee that why they (PTI workers) have been surrounded by containers.

He maintained that they have not done anything wrong and violent.

He addressed Justice Siddiqee of Islamabad High Court (IHC) and said, “You are watching the so-called democratic government has besieged us and tortured our workers. This government has rejected the verdict of the apex court because Sharif Brothers have a cruel history in Pakistan”, he maintained.

He appealed to the court for taking suo moto action against the blockade of the twin cities.

Moreover, he added the Inspector General (IG) is a dissembler person and he is doing what Nawaz Sharif has done so far.

The PTI chief said this as he was holding a press conference here on Saturday at Bani Gala.