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Police arrest Amjad Sabri’s companion, Saleem Chanda from Sabri House

KARACHI: Police arrested a suspicious man from the home of the great Qawaal Amjad Sabri Shaheed on Saturday.

According to the local media, the police arrested a man and covered him in a white sheet after arresting from the home of Amajd Sabri Shaheed.

The arrested man has been transferred to unknown place. However, reports now reveal that the man was Amjad Sabri’s companion, Saleem Chanda, who was accompanying the Shaheed in the car.

Moreover, no further reports have surfaced uptill now.

According to one of the news channels, the man was produced before the family for any kind of investigation and then taken back; however, it is still not clear as to what extent, he might be involved in the crime.