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PMLN workers tried to attack Imran Khan’s car in London

The Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) workers in London protested in front of Jemima Khan house and raised slogans against Imran Khan.

Jemima’s mother called police and asked them to spare the area in front of their house.

The protest started before the given time. The PMLN workers are protesting under president of PML-N London wing, Zubair Gul.

Imran Khan’s safe exit was assisted by the London police as the workers were aggressive to attack his car. Meanwhile, two protesters attacked his car.

The protest was planned a few days ago and the place was selected to get more attention as Jemima Khan supports her ex-husband, Imran Khan in his political life also.

Imran Khan is chairman of Pakistan’s second largest political party, Pakistan Tehreek -e- Insaf (PTI) and he always claims that he has been fighting for justice and a better (new) Pakistan.

In general elections 2013, PML-N and PTI were very close to the win however, PML-N won. However, PTI filed allegations that the results have been altered and PML-N won through irregularities and rigging.

Consequently, the atmosphere of political war remained hot.

Imran Khan filed case to open and investigate at least four constituencies but the supreme court as well as government did not pay an eye on the issue. In the reaction of which, Khan raised voice against PML-N government and led a long march and sit-in of 126 days in Islamabad.

Since that, PML-N workers and PTI workers are in enmity and they are fighting for their leaders.

“Go Nawaz Go” slogans were raised in the long march and it became so famous that N-party had to face shameful situations many times.