PML-N: First among the “most corrupt political parties” around the globe

Corruption is the most dreadful disease for the state as it handicaps the whole system. Politics is highly affected by the corruption globally due to the negligence of public. Many political parties are involved in this abuse from their head to toe and still some times known as the most popular and welfare parties of their states. Countrymen have to face hurdles because of politicians’ never ending lust as they always exploit public rights and properties.

Here are top ten most corrupt political parties in the world.

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz – Pakistan

Though Pakistan has not made any glittering performance in various phases of development, it always made spotlights for its bad deed activities such as corruption. Current ruling party also stood the first among most corrupt parties.

According to BBC News Point, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) is central, leading and conservative party of Pakistan. It gained large number of seats in general elections 2013; it is the biggest party from Punjab, Pakistan. This party has thrice won as the leading party of the country. Large number of cases of corruption are filed against its member including its chief and current prime minister, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. The PM’s name is also included in the Panama Leaks, properties are reported to be made by the money of state. Despite him, Hanif Abbasi another prominent member of PMLN is also accused for drug smuggling.


2: National Resistance Movement – Uganda

According to reports, party and its candidates are involved in large number of controversial and illegal issues mainly war issues which caused deaths of millions of people. Though the President of Uganda this has been elected several times unopposed; however, for behind deaths of millions of citizens, party is much disliked among inhabitants.


3: Progressive Action Party – Cuba

The Cuban political party which was lead by Fulgencio Batista, was founded in 1949, after winning general elections in 1948. Fearing defeat Batista successfully attempted coup d’état. It also contested polls in 1954 and ’58, despite gaining high percentage it was banned facing charges of strong electoral rigging. The party also accused of gaining a lot of illegal money during its reign was also involved in torture, rules violence and deaths of thousands citizens.

4: Indian National Congress – India

The oldest party of India was founded in 1885 during the British regime; had played the great role in Indian independence. Party has won several elections and produced seven prime ministers; however lost the general elections of 2015, when corruption scandals of party came into light. The whole party faces alleged corruption charges including Rahul Gandhi; grandson of Founder Mahatma Gandhi.


5: Vietnam’s Communist party – Vietnam

This party was formed in 1925, to prepare the ground for world-shattering struggle against regal French. The Communist party is famous not only for their leadership but also for the highest rate of corruption; it also send several non-communists behind bars and banned many rivals.  In 1976 party was merged as the modern party.


6: Kuomintang – China

This party is often called as Nationalist Party of China is the major political party in Republic of China (or Taiwan). Chiang Kai-Shek was the founder of this nationalist party which forced people of Taiwan to obey the martial law. Some people liked this type of leadership but most opposed this dictatorship.


7: Nationalist Fascist Party – Italy

Benito Mussolini was the founder of Nationalist Fascist Party as the political face of fascism. Italy was ruled by this party from 1922 to 1943. Fascist took charge of the country with the march on Rome when Mussolini was overthrown by Grand Council of Fascism. During their era, fascist tried every possible mean to crush their political opponents.


8: Nazi Party – Germany

Who doesn’t know Adolf Hitler? The one who always being accused for the massacre of Jews and being hated over it. His National Socialist German Workers Party or Nazi party was the leading party of Germany from 1920 to 1945. The party was based on the racist and populist views and it fought along with the communist in World War 1.


9: Communist Party of China- China

This party is among the most important and biggest parties of China, and this is the sole governing party of the state. It was formed in 1921 by Li Dazhao and Chen Duxiu, and grew much faster after the independence of China from Great Britain. This is the second largest party with respect to membership that is 88.76 millions, the great party lead to enormous suffering, famine, and insufficiency throughout the China.


10: Communist Party of the Soviet Union – Russia

Soviet Union’s Communist party is one of the major parties in Russia; it enjoyed the sole government in the state till 1990. This party controlled the entire constitutional and legal documents that were supposedly to be handled by the government due to which it was totally banned in 1991. The communist party suppressed financial, political and cultural rights of millions of Russian citizens.