PML-N Smutty and Dirty in Kasur Against Judiciary

Following videos carry strong and abusive language. Discretion advised. 

PML-N always raises the bar of smutty and cheap politics for other political parties to match. No any other party in Pakistan is capable of such vulgar and pitiable anti-judiciary speeches as PML-N is. These videos are shared by Baaghi just to let our readers know how low they can stoop and how vile they can get. 

The drama co-staged regularly by Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Safdar has come to an end yesterday with the ruling of Supreme Court over the ban on anti-judiciary speeches.

PML-N workers in the videos must be convicted by the apex court for highly toxic anti-judiciary statements.

Following video clips are from yesterday’s Kasur’s protest in which abuses were hurled at the Supreme  Court of Pakistan and CJP. It is signatory of PML-N to malign the image of judiciary and army when the institutions attempt to stand for Pakistan and for its people .

We must pledge as adults to ensure that our kids are not raised in such an abusive political milieu where the institutions of Pakistan are disrespected and targeted. And that is only possible if we, as one nation, veto the narrative of PML-N.