PM orders inquiry against former PTV Managing Director

ISLAMABAD:  An inquiry has been ordered by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif against PTV ex managing-director (MD) Muhammad Malik for his suspected connection in corruption and favouritism as head of the state-run channel.

According to a press release on Wednesday by the PM Jati Ummra House Raiwand Road Lahore, a letter has been issued by Prime Minister’s Personal Secretary Qamarul Zaman to the information secretary and ordered an inquiry against Malik.

The letter has been posted after an objection was lodged by former president of PTV employees union Agha Rashid Billa who has suspected that Malik committed corruption, prepared illegal appointments and inaugurated preferences in PTV on heavy salaries, took commissions on bonds and employed dramas previously screened on private channels at overstated rates.

The letter also stated that Malik and his crew provided mistaken reports about growth of PTV before senate and national assembly standing committees and in front of extra top government officials.

Billa through his letter has appealed to the information minister, the new PTV MD and others to hold an inquiry against Malik and his cronies, who have allegedly put the PTV on the brink of devastation.  He has also requested investigation against all officers of PTV who connived with Malik in ‘plundering-spree’.

The national television of the state, PTV, has been facing the worst-ever financial crisis and it has been futile to pay incomes to its workers.

The letter also added that different hospitals and medicinal entities on PTV board have declined to be responsible for treatment to its workers and medical stores have failed to offer medicines for need of imbursement of exceptional bills.