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Playing Cops and Robbers, 6 years old boy kills brother in Chicago

A former gangster’s plan to save himself with a pistol and keeping it at home had consequence in form of his 6 year old son killing the other while playing ‘cops and robbers’

CHICAGO: Michael Santiago, a former gangster looked for a gun as he had come back to normal life but still had fears within himself. He bought a pistol for himself and finding the kitchen a safe place, kept it in there.

He did or did not show the gun to the kid, but kids find things surprisingly. His six years old son found the loaded gun in kitchen and planned to play ‘cops and robbers’ with his younger brother who was just three years old.

While playing the game, the gun suddenly shot into the face of Eian, killing him on the spot.

Although there are usually many cases In the US where kids use guns and kill others and get charged by the Police but in this case, the charges have been imposed on the father, Michael Santiago.

He has been charged with felony child engagement for showing him the pistol and telling him where he keeps that.

The weapon bought for the safety of self and family had taken the life of his son away.

Satiago, being an old member of Spanish Cobras which was the largest Latuino gang in Chicago.

He had become accomplice and mended his ways towards right things.

According to sources, the gun was purchases off the street, was kept loaded on the top of fridge wrapped in pajamas in the kitchen.

A week earlier than the incident, Santiago showed his eldest son who was 6 years old, how to load and use the gun mentioning that it was only to be used by adults.

The six years old boy probably did not get the last message but the rest.

On Saturday, Santiago and his wife were not at home so the boys decided to play cops and robbers and the elder one climbed up the refrigerator and got the gun.

The gun as a basic requirement of cops and robbers, the elder boy pointed the gun on the younger Eian and shot him, unknowingly the consequences.

The boys’ grandfather heard the sound and found what had happened. Santiago was called once his wife got to know that.

One of the family friends George Rayyan said, “He was in shock when he heard this from his wife”

Santiago couldn’t cry over the split milk because he himself thought that the refrigerator was too high for the boys to climb up and pick the gun.

“I should not have put the gun there, I have made mistake”, he added.

Santiago has been charged with felony endangerment of a child. If proven, he will be spending between two and 10 years in prison.

On the other hand, the 6 years old boy still believes that his brother Eian is in the hospital, waiting for his arrival back home.