Pilot including three people injured at Benazir International Airport

Islamabad: According to the reports, a pilot including three other people was injured at the Benazir International Airport when a small training aircraft crashed at landing.

A small training aircraft from the flying club crashed on the runway of Benazir International Airport while landing in which pilot including three other people injured, according to civil Aviation spokes person.

At the spot rescue teams reached immediately and the injured people were shifted to a local medical center.

Representatives of civil aviation said that Runway operations have now been temporarily closed.

Investigations have begun, according to the report. It was ensured that in-depth details would be gathered regarding the crash.

The trainer plane belonging to a flying club crashed at the runway due to technical fault, according to the representative of the Civil Aviation. Runway was closed right after the crash in order to prevent any other mishap.

Such incident was never happened before according to the authorities, and it was ensured that the matter would be investigated soon.

Last year, A Rawalpindi Flying Club plane crashed while landing at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad leaving three persons injured.

The plane was ready for landing when the pilot reportedly could not hit the ground safely.

An official of the CAA said that after losing balance, the plane crashed on the left side of the runway however it didn’t catch fire.

The official said that its cockpit and nose have been severely damaged.

The persons including a captain Muhammad Hassam, trainees Hammad and Sarfaraz Ahmad were injured.

In an effort to restructure the struggling national carrier, the management has decided to induct another narrow-body A320 aircraft.

The carrier acquired the aircraft from General Electric on a dry lease for six years. The aircraft landed at the Islamabad International Airport on Thursday. Special Assistant to Prime Minister (PM) on Aviation Shujaat Azeem told the media that currently Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has a total of 25 operational aircraft. Besides mismanagement and over staffing, the use of old, fuel guzzler planes on short routes were listed among reasons for the losses incurred by the carrier in the past few years.

According to Azeem, once the proposed induction is complete, PIA will have 13 narrow-body Airbus planes, 11 ATRs and nine Boeing-777 in its fleet.

He said the inclusion of new generation aircraft would enable the national flag carrier to increase its flight frequency and introduce new routes.