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Who is behind Hussain Nawaz’s picture leak?

Why so much fuss on the issue of Picture leak of Hussain Nawaz in JIT?
The case is simple:
1. Dawn leak- leaked by the government itself, later three people punished including Federal Information Minister Pervez Rashid, SAPM Tariq Fatemi and Rao Tehsin, PIO. It is a common perception the three were made scapegoats for Marium Nawaz, the real culprit.
2. Dr. Asim Hussain’s so-called fake ‘confessional leaks’ was a follow-up of a threat by Interior Minister Ch Nisar that he has the video of Dr. Asim of his confession in JIT. It later proved to be neither here or there.
3. MQM’s Saulat Raza’s confessional video leak while recorded in police custody- in violation of the law. He was made to confess on camera on the assurance that his appeal for mercy will be accepted if he maligned Altaf Hussain. It was all a plot of the ministry of interior and DG Rangers to justify operation against MQM, the creation of PSP etc.
4. Now ISI is being dragged into it.
JIT Hussain Nawaz Picture leak- is favorite of the ministry of interior’s method of using leaks either to malign an individual or an institution.
In JIT from the time of its formation to this day, PMLN government, Senator Nihal Hashmi and other ministers have been trying to brand JIT as hostile to PM’s sons in order to subvert its findings, malign Supreme Court and get the God fathers, Al Capone and Escobar further time until the election.
Not difficult to conclude – People and power behind the leaks are ministers, the ministry of interior.