PIA’s CEO Bernd Hildenbrand denies allegations

Karachi: The Chief Operating Officer of Pakistan International Airlines has refused corruption allegations against him. 

While talking to private media house, Bernd Hildenbrand refused allegations and wrongdoings. Hildenbrand said whatever he did was the best from his part for PIA.

Each major transaction was according to the rules which was made with the approval of Board of Directors and ,” he told.

The German national presented himself for investigations but said that those conducting the investigation were not aware of leasing procedure which airlines adopt.

Whereas, while talking to BBC he said that if his integrity was suspicious then he should be interrogated beside launching defame campaign against him on media.

Hildenbrand added, he even did not know about the leasing of airbuses.

Hildenbrand is under question about purchasing and leasing aircraft for Pakistan’s national airline premier service at exorbitant rates from Sri Lanka.

The premier service was inaugurated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. At that time it was considered a good step and thought as signal of better days for PIA.

But the airline faced lost of million of dollars and it was also revealed that aircraft were take on lease at extra ordinary high cost.

Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan during a press conference on Thursday said that PIA CEO Bernd Hildenbrand’s name had been placed on the Exit Control List (ECL), few days earlier, as he was being investigated for corruption.