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PIA starts operating Boeing-737, Boeing-800 aircraft

Islamabad: PIA starts operating two aircraft Boeing 737 and Boeing 800; PIA acquired both planes on wet lease from Turkey this week.

These are the crafts which no else is using in Pakistan, PIA is the first airline in Pakistan who started operating them. According to spokesperson of Pakistan International Airlines these crafts are acquired for the period of three months on wet lease; two more such crafts are expected to join PIA operational fleet in the upcoming weeks.

The crafts have a capacity of 189 passengers in them and the decision of their acquiring was taken after the grounding of four A-310 planes. A-130 had completed there life last year so that’s why the meet the shortage of them; PIA planned to take four new planes.

The planes are used for six flights; Karachi to Lahore (PK-306), Lahore to Karachi (PK-307), Karachi to Lahore (PK-316), Lahore to Karachi (PK-317), Karachi to Multan to Islamabad (Pk-380) and Islamabad to Karachi (Pk-319).