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PIA serving flight meal with caterpillars!

PIA is under dark clouds from last few months, sometimes it is technical fault, sometimes it takes wrong route, somethings plane’s engine is not properly checked and now here comes the flight meal.

On Sunday, a passenger who was travelling in PK-207, published a video message in which he showed something really awkward and awful.

Well, he was served with meal and after having half of it he observed some kind of insect, in clear words it was a big size caterpillar moving in his spoon.

He told in video that he has done with half of the meal and he does not know how many insects he has already eaten. He was heading a group of almost 36 people and he felt worried about every passenger regarding food quality.

As it was obvious the worst quality of food was served and even the size of that insect showed that it is possibly not good for human consumption.

Passenger also told that he has reported the crew and one of the crew also appeared in video while asking that passenger has right to complain.

This is our own airline, Pakistan International Airlines. Is it not sad to see that our own airline can not even provide proper hygienic meal to passengers?

We are spending millions on other projects which might help to boost the wealth of some specific companies and people but can we not spend proper finance to maintain country’s own airline and its own institutions?