PIA Plans to Sell 30 Properties across Pakistan

By Ali Hameed

Pakistan national carrier, PIA is looking to hire an evaluation expert who can assess the value of these properties, as it intends to sell some 30 properties located across the country worth billions of rupees.

For the valuation purpose, the national carrier is looking to hire an expert approved by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and National Bank of Pakistan (NBP).

“PIA intends to hire an approved expert of State Bank and National Bank of Pakistan regarding the assessment of market value for PIA own properties within Pakistan. The premises are located at different cities of Four Provinces of Pakistan including Gilgit Biltistan and Azad Kashmir,” announced PIA.

Here is the list of properties


  1. Karachi- PIA Sales Office (Sidco Center) (35,414 Sq. Ft)
  2. Karachi-  PIA Crew Medical Center C-I (1,120 Sq. Yds.)
  3. Karachi-  PIA Diagnostic Center (1,874 Sq. Yds.)
  4. Karachi-  PIA Hospital Land (10 Acres)
  5. Karachi-  Land at Super Highway (200 Acres)
  6. Karachi- Water Reservoir Tank (15000 sq.ft)
  7. Sukkur- Land for Sales Office (2,146 Sq. Yd)
  8. Hyderabad- PIA Sales Office (3063 Sq. Ft)


  1. Lahore- PIA Sales Office  (4600 Sq Yards)
  2. Faisalabad- PIA Sales Office (3 Kanals 5-1/4 Marlas)
  3. Multan- PIA Sales Office ( 10.80 Kanals)
  4. Sialkot- Land for PIA Offices (1,778 Sq. Yds)

North Zone:

  1. Islamabad- Land for PIA Headquarter (One plot of 4608 Sq Yds)
  2. Islamabad- PIA Sales Office (1200 Sq. Yds.),
  3. Rawalpindi- PIA Booking Office (4,328 Sq. Ft),
  4. Rawalpindi- DFSL (7,200 Sq. Yds)
  5. Muzaffarabad- PIA Sales Office (444.45 Sq. Yds),
  6. Skardu- PIA Sales Office ( 11,250 Sq. Ft. 4),
  7. Skardu- PIA Airport Office / TGS Skardu Airport (07 Kanals),
  8. Gilgit- PIA Sales Office( 525 Sq. Yards)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

  1. Peshawar- Peshawar Sales Office (2.05 Acres),
  2. Chitral- PIA Sales Office (3,666 Sq. Yds.),
  3. Swat- PIA Sales Office ( 2 Kanals),
  4. Swat- Open Plot (2 Kanals),
  5. Abbottabad-  PIA Shaver Land (30 Acres)
  6. D.I. Khan- Land for Sales Office (7.72 Marlas)


  1. Quetta- PIA Sales Office Building (3,732 Sq. Yds.)
  2. Turbat- PIA Sales Office ( 3.78 Acres)
  3. Gwadar- PIA Sales Office( ½ Acres)
  4. Ormara- Land PIA Sales Office (10,000 Sq. Yds.)

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