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People with stressful jobs live longer


Indianapolis: People who get stressful and managerial careers are more likely to live longer, the researchers have revealed.  

The researchers were of the view that the people who get low-stress and easy jobs are likely to die sooner, the sources added.

Everyone knows the stressful jobs can wreck your health but surprisingly, the research which was conducted on some 10,000 workers, completely altered the hypothesis.

The study was taken on these 10,000 workers in which and they were asked for their nature of work, their strictness to work, their sincerity and their patience while being at work.



Meanwhile, it was concluded that the employees with more demanding jobs were 34 per cent less likely to die than those in less stressful careers.

One of the researchers said that the study revealed that stressful careers can actually be good to workers’ health if also paired with freedom in decision-making while it altered the consequences for their health when paired with low freedom in decision-making.

As far as the diseases are concerned, the cancer was found to be the major cause of death among the study group, with stress known to be a risk factor.

But the researchers suggested it does not mean that the workers need to cut back on what is expected from their employers.

The research was conducted by the University of Indiana’s Kelley School of Business. Moreover, it is believed to be the first-ever research to examine the mutual relationship between job characteristics and mortality.

Thus, a stressful job, instead of being something debilitating, can be something that is energizing.