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People will rise against N Korean regime, says defector

Seoul: Highest-ranking officials ever to defect from North Korea has said that dictator Kim Jong-un would be ready to attack the US with nuclear weapons, but his dreams will not be fulfilled.

Thae Yong-ho, who was defected from North Korea in August last year, was giving an interview in South Korean capital Seoul.

He went on to say that he is sure that his relatives have been subjected to a sentence for defection, which grieves him against North Korean rule.

“I’m sure that my relatives and my brothers and sisters are either sent to remote, closed areas or to prison camps, and that really breaks my heart,” he said.

North Korea’s London embassy is in a suburban house in Ealing. Photo by BBC

If he could imagine his brother shouting to him in anguish from prison in North Korea, what would he reply?

“That is really a question I don’t like to even think about. That is why I am very determined to do everything possible to pull down the regime to save not only my family members but also the whole North Korean people from slavery.”

It is noteworthy here that his family had persuaded him to defect and he found himself defending the rule for his children.

He started growing long hair in London and thought how North Koreans would treat him.

Mr Thae said that in the privacy of their home, they started being honest about the regime, because “you can’t lie to your family”.

The BBC reported that he increasingly asked those he met from the West about life in Seoul. North Korean diplomats travel in twos so each keeps an eye on the other.

So his questions about the West were often while his (presumably) unsuspecting comrade was taking a break with a visit to the toilet at their favorite West London curry house, the BBC reported further.

“I really miss the life, especially in Ealing. Even now I am really sorry for not saying goodbye to the tennis club members because they are really nice and gentle. If possible, I want to say the official goodbye to my old St Columba’s Tennis Club members.

“My younger son even joined this club when he was eight. We had a really wonderful coach and he taught the whole family how to play tennis, me my kids and my wife.

“I really miss the English spring and autumn and I really want to say goodbye and thank you.”

And will Thae Yong-ho ever see his brother again? “I’m absolutely sure I will and it is my dream to walk back to my home town.”