People breached at Red zone area Islamabad on Mumtaz Qadri’s chelum

ISLAMABAD: Around 10,000 people protesting the execution of Mumtaz Qadri – a former Punjab police commando hanged last month for assassinating Punjab governor Salman Taseer – breached Islamabad’s Red Zone Sunday night and clashed with police.

There were also reports of police using tear gas to disperse the crowd from the high-security zone outside the parliament building.

An estimated 25,000 supporters of the former police bodyguard gathered in Islamabad’s twin city Rawalpindi in the afternoon to offer prayers, before turning toward the heavily-barricaded capital which was patrolled by hundreds of police and paramilitary soldiers.

Several major arteries leading to Islamabad were closed by local authorities to stem the flow of protesters to the capital.

Islamabad police and Rangers failed to protect red zone supporters of Mumtaz Qadri reached at the main gate of Parliament House police ran away.


Riot police carrying batons and shields fired tear gas to try to prevent them pushing closer to the city center.

Qadri was working as a bodyguard for Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer when he shot him 29 times in 2011 over the governor’s call to reform the blasphemy law, which critics say is frequently misused to oppress religious minorities.


Islamabad D chowk Col. Aman Ullah Zakhmi:

 Heavy shelling of tear Gas, feeling so pain in eyes & head while covering this havoc March unable to bear, want to escape from here