People Protesting Outside Nawaz Sharif’s Avenfield Apartments

In Pakistan, PMLN supporters have shown their support for their party but on the other hand, PTI supporters are extraordinary and extremely using this scenario as an excuse to strengthen their election campaign and to take out their long-held grudges. Even after the arrest of the ex-prime minister, their energies are still up to destroy the reputation of PMLN as they can. Well, it is somehow valid to do such acts because they have been arrested in the case of corruption and what else can be done for someone who has shown dishonesty and betrayal for their country.

People are protesting outside Nawaz Sharif’s Avenfield apartments. Exactly one week ago the same happened as protesters attacked their flats, this was in news and headlines. Now same practices are taking place every single day. They show their rift and agony against the family. They do not want even a single family member in the flats and they want everybody to evacuate the flats as soon as possible. These people are either supporters of PTI or they are doing this to show their concern about Pakistan. In any case, they cannot be stopped and refrained from demonstrating their ideas.

The real problem is for the remaining family members who are living over there, they may get threatened or attacked by the protesters outside because their privacy already destroyed, people find it easy to go to their place and create chaos and disturbance. Now the problem is for other residents and London authorities because they are troubled and discomforted every single day. They may complain about this growing unsettlement in their area and the authorities may get activated to help their people. In such a case, the remaining family members must leave the place.

It is becoming difficult for the whole family day by day. PTI’s campaign is going quite strong and in such an environment, PMLN’s reputation is threatened every day. As a person, Nawaz Sharif did the best as he returned to Pakistan for his arrest as well as his daughter. People now want to provoke and disturb the rest of the family in London so they leave the place. Their opinion may be correct as well as they don’t want a corrupt family who has a contaminated past, in their city.

A lot can be expected from these growing protests day by day. They would definitely have an effect on the elections 2018, as the days are passing, we cannot stop people to expose their emotions and take out their grudges.