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People prank on the Rangers WhatsApp helpline

Pakistan Rangers, Sindh have probed people to notify them about any illegal action, particularly extortion, on their WhatsApp number 0316-2369996 or send an email to

And while the effort has to be praised, somebody found a rather hilarious take on the new helpline and how Pakistanis might truly end up using or we should say exploiting it.

There were many who did not find any of this funny as they clearly understood the motive of a ‘help line’

Some even stated that these conversations are fake

Here are the prank screenshots:

It appears that the pranksters have made their way here as well

According to official data, approximately 85 per cent of the calls made to Madadgar-15 helpline in Karachi turned out to be fake. These calls were outlined back to jokers trying to take the law enforcers for a ride. In some cases, the callers made their intentions clear by pandering in dismissive chat from the get-go, while in others the police only learnt of the false alarm when a team was forwarded to examine.



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