PEMRA takes action against Airing of Nehal Hashmi’s Controversial Speech

Lahore: PEMRA issues Show Cause Notice to multiple media houses for airing Nehal Hashmi’s speech on the 19th of October, 2018.

According to sources, PEMRA has issued a series of show cause notices to media houses for airing Nehal Hasmi’s controversial speech in which aspersions were cast against the Armed Forces of Pakistan in violation of CCode of Conduct.

These include known names such as HUM News, GNN, Channel-5 including Bol News, ARY News, Abb Takk, 92 News and even 7 News.

The notice clearly states that “extending air time to him is tantamount to willful breach of media ethics as well as PEMRA laws”. The notices further state that the CEO’s of the respective media houses must show “cause” in writing, as well as appear before PEMRA  at PEMRA Headquarters in Islamabad for a personal hearing that is to be held on the 26th of October,2018 at the designated timings.

Moreover, in case they fail to either submit a reply within “stipulated time”or there is non-appearance of CEO for the personal hearing, the “Authority shall be constrained to initiate ex-parte proceedings” against the involved parties.


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