PEMRA manipulates on GEO’s Mir Shakeel’s pressure

Karachi: Several channels, including Geo News, that were being broadcast on last numbers, are being restored to the previous positions, said the Chairperson of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Absar Alam.

He said this while talking to a media channel adding that the action was being taken according to the PEMRA ordinance.

He asserted that the PEMRA would tackle the issues concerned as per its legal powers if the channels and cable operator did submit their applications in black and white.

The PEMRA Chairman Absar Alam added that PEMRA had not any confrontation with anyone but it just wanted everyone should work in its jurisdiction and according to law that PEMRA had implemented.

It is pertinent to know here that once more Geo News channel was removed from its position for violating the law approved by PEMRA so it was shifted to the last numbers and remained inaccessible for the people in many areas in Karachi.

So in order to seek assistance, its management and workers went door to door and appealed to the federal government and agencies to restore the channel to its original position.

It is worth mentioning here that Geo News has been, many times, blocked for its unlawful content and for broadcasting un-Islamic and anti-Pakistan content.

Shaista Wahidi, renowned host of ‘Utho Jago Pakistan’, was censored for using abusive and immoral language. When enquiry was kicked off against Shaista Wahidi for doing offensive show on Geo News, another renowned and dishonest host Dr Amir Laiqat came to defend her and appealed the nation to forgive her. He is the person who himself is involved in using offensive and abusive languages even during Ramazan programs.

Here the Baaghi.TV stays in front lines in bringing evidences for its audience.


Karachi: Dr Amir Liaqat seen while hosting a program on Geo News and according to the sources, it was a planned phone call to get more views.


Not only this, but Jang-Geo group owner Shakeel-ur-Rehman, TV presenter Shaista Wahidi, Veena Malik and her husband Asad Bashir Khan had been sentenced to 26 years imprisonment in a case of disrespecting religious personalities during a TV program.

No doubt the words of PEMRA chairperson about obeying the law have worth but, Shiasta Wahidi is running another program on another channel. This is yet another case in point of PEMRA letting it’s favorites bypass the law.


Lahore: Chairperson of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Absar Alam. File
Lahore: Chairperson of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Absar Alam. File

Similarly, Dr Amir Liaqat hosted the Ramazan program on Geo News and he was the person against Absar Alam remarked just the last week that he was doing unethical programs during Ramazan and added that it didn’t suit him.

Not only the renowned anchors and hosts on Geo News Network are propagating hate agenda but the owner of Geo News, Mir Shakeel ur Rehman is living an exiled life because he has been convicted in numerous cases that were registered against him.

As per the sources claimed, a criminal investigation case (Case No. 1108/2014) against the owners of Jang/Geo Group, Mir Shakil ur Rehman and his son, Mir Ibrahim under trial at the request by Pakistani media group, BOL Network, on the basis of Criminal Defamation.

Not only this, but another case was registered against Mir Shakeel ur Reham and Amir Liaqat in Meethadar Police Station for defaming Pakistan Army. In short, the cases against Geo News hosts and anchors are numerous.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning here that Geo News Network head Mir Shakeel ur Rehman was very upset upon his channels blockage inside the biggest city, Karachi. And because of this, he appealed his workers and staff to get to the streets and demonstrate against the removal of Geo News from its position.

We, the Baaghi.TV, feel pleasure by bringing original news items and content to its readers. Now this time, the Baaghi.TV brings original message of Mir Shakeel ur Rehman to its audience that has been sent from him to his staff.

Below is the inciting message of Geo Network’s Mir Shakeel to his staff and employees:


“Dear All,

Please read that thoroughly Today’s JANG & The News. I just want to tell you, from the complainant directly and indirectly I have received continuous complaints naming you amongst others. I am hopeful that you will stand against this unlawful illegal action in Karachi (with the hope to soon close us down nationally). I am hopeful you will stand against this in your programs, I am hopeful you will bring this up in your closely connected state organs/ sections.

I plead to you, to strongly appeal to Prime minister and the Supreme Court to form 3 judge bench Commission, something that we have appealed for, for a while now so that all allegations on us can be investigated once and for all. I am hopeful that you all will stand by me as I intend to protest with my family, I expect all of you to support me strongly. I was thinking earlier to meet all of you before and explain via presentation and proof of how much loss we have been continuously experiencing over the last 2 years.

I intend to do this now and I intend to disclose this in front of everyone. And I tell you honestly, I can’t take this, I have no money left, I have done everything I have done for my country and my profession.

And I do not ever tell you about most of the complaints as they are less important so you may not get discouraged, I keep these complaints from you till the time I feel the matter has become serious. But this time without any warning we have been closed down.

I have gone through too much in my life because of these last 2 years; I don’t know how to explain. But this time I will go till the end, Geo network will shut down permanently.

Once again I ask you all kindly help make this Commission, and I will prove each everything the spokespersons have said. Thanks. Mir Shakil ur Rahman.”


This is another fraud by Mir Shakeel ur Rehman. He has been throughout earning billions of rupees from the government using these types of blackmailing tactics in the recent past.

The sources have claimed he is facing troubles in his family as well as losing the little respect that he had among journalistic community; therefore he is resorting to such tactics to gain sympathy in Pakistan.