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PCB prove to be all love for India, not Pakistan.

Baaghi TV has been approached by few British Pakistanis with the same complaint against PCB.

They claim that on Sunday’s Champions League match between India and Pakistan, Pakistan Cricket Board gave most of its enclosure passes to Indians. These too were the prominent ones with better seats.

It seems that if all complaints are considered authentic, then The Board has a lot of questions to answer.

  • Primarily what was their selection procedure to give away passes for the Edgbaston match between India and Pakistan?

  • What was the qualifying criteria for the passes, since these were Pakistan’s reserved passes to be given by will of PCB?

  • Additionally, how did so many Indians get the passes instead of Pakistanis?

  • Why is PCB so bent on servicing the Indians? 

  • If roles are reversed, can a Pakistani hope to get even one pass from the Indian Cricket Board for their matches in their enclosures?

    These are some of the questions to be answered by PCB.

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