Parwaaz Hai Junoon: Movie review

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The recently released movie ‘Parwaz hai Junoon’ is a very light, good feel screenplay, sending out a strong message in a simple manner.


Written by Farhat Ishtiaq, directed by Haseeb Hassan and produced by Momina Duraid is a must watch revolving around the lives of air force cadets and pilots.

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The movie has a perfect blend of romance, comedy, drama and tragedy.


It highlights how our air force people are not only fighters by profession but a go getter in every aspect of life.

The best thing portrayed in this movie is the simplicity of its characters showing their strengths and weaknesses.

The movie begins showing its viewers the tough life of a young cadet who has to pass for a fighter pilot test. The sequences showing both girls and boys facing hardships and the training along with Image result for parwaaz hai junoonpunishments are worth enjoying, though, one feels that these should be shown more which could have been a plus point for this movie.

Also, the switching of the scenes from past and present was a minor flaw that could have been managed much appropriately.

However, all the characters have given their 100 percent and carried a low budget movie in a high spirit.


The main character was the female protagonist who was a bubbly character being developed into a fighter pilot. She is the one in the movie who is actually carrying out the message to the girls and human race out there that nothing is impossible to achieve with a strong will power and urge to learn.


The songs are a major source of attraction in this movie. Atif Aslam has once again blown away the Related imageaudience by his deep voice and the visuals are also breath taking. Farhan Saeed added the sweetest of his voice to a very tragic scene bringing tears all along the song. while Shuja Haider gives a strong power packed performance in ‘Main Urra’, the sound track of Parwaz hai Junoon.

The visuals of this movie are appeasing and aesthetically sound with the director doing completely justice to the beauty of Pakistan and showing the bravery and valour of our soldiers in every field of life be it the patriotism or their personal lives.

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Hania Amir have Related imagedone complete justice to their roles showing great chemistry and essaying out the roles of air force pilots respectively. The other actors portraying amazing characters, including  Ahad Raza Mir, Asif Raza Mir, Shaz Khan, Kubra Khan, Shafaat Ali and Shamoon Abbasi all added up to the beauty of this movie.

The movie started on a lighter note, became intense and ended on a tragedy, giving it a ranking of a complete package ignoring little flaws and highlighting Mission Zarb-e-Azab too as its USP.