Pari- Pakistani horror movie’s trailer is a total thriller

This Halloween, Pakistani Cinema is all set for ‘Trick o Treat’ with a horror film Pari. The trailer for the movie just released two days ago.

Mark your calendars people, as theatres near you are all set for screams and bone-chilling scenes on 31st October 2017.

A one and half minute trailer of movie is out  which looks quite-promising to say the least. It has the right amount of spookiness added in it with a tinge of mystery. The title ‘PARI’ is too intriguing to be used for a thriller like this.

As we watch the trailer, we are bound to go through a whirlwind of emotions. It is equal to a roller coaster ride with too many adventures in between.

The story of Pari revolves around a newly-wed couple who moves to a new house with their child. The evil spirits take hold of their daughter and the only message conveyed is:

“When you interfere in the matters of nature, nature haunts you back”.

Now, this is a creepy one liner to send shivers down the spine. The visuals of the film are dark, doing justice to the genre that has been chosen. Pari seems to be a truly captivating horror film after many failed attempts in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

The trailer has managed to gain full attention of the viewers and added suspense into it. The credit for this goes to the director Syed Atif Ali who has tried to put in maximum efforts in making the movie up to the mark. The movie might be fruitful enough for the genre’s revival in the country. The trailer speaks of a catchy script which is loaded with scary moments, difficult to be forgotten. The suspense buildup and epic direction has made this one and a half minute ride totally worthwhile. It is a truly sensational effort and deserves high praise.

The trailer ends with a ‘Conjuring’ styled nun which makes the viewers suddenly jump in their seats.

The cast of the film features Qavi khan, Khushi Maheen, Rasheed Naz, Saleem Miraj, Azekah Daniel, Junaid Akhtar and Faiq Asim. Syed Atif Ali and Muhammad Ahsan is the director of the horror film. Whereas the film is written by Syed Atif Ali.  The real sensation of the movie is the little beauty playing the role of Pari who will act as the pivotal role in developing opinion of people towards the film.

Here is the trailer of the film: