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Palin’s Trump Speech Gets Laughs & Not in a Good Way

Sarah Palin, who is the Former Governor of Alaska on Friday, had campaigned on the behalf of Republican presidential candidate and a billionaire controversial figure, Donald Trump in Wisconsin

The campaign went badly and that was the last thing that was expected.

The Former Governor of Alaska – Sarah Palin’s speech at a Republican gathering in Milwaukee had fell flat & earned little applause from around 750 attendees, acc. to the Journal Times.

Philip Rucker, from Washington Post reported in a tweet that Sarah Palin in her speech got some laughs when she had said that, “Donald Trump talks rationally.”

The crowd was chiefly supportive of Donald Trump’s rival, Senator Ted Cruz – the Texas representative who very recently got the endorsement of Scott Walker – the Wisconsin Governor & leads the businessman, and the Republican front runner, Donald Trump in the state polls ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

Vicki McKenna, the Radio host had also slammed Donald Trump during the event for criticizing the Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker.

Wisconsin, where 42 delegates are up for the grabs, could be a very dire state in denying the reality TV star, Donald Trump the necessary delegates in order to win the Republican nomination.

With most people criticizing Donald Trump for being a sexist, racist, rampant xenophobe, birther and misogynist should pray that it stays that way.

However, Trump stands a good chance of losing the GOP’s Wisconsin primary to Senator Ted Cruz.

Even if Ted Cruz wins only by a small margin, he will automatically take all 18 state delegates & very likely a good portion of the district level delegates.