Pakpattan shrine land case: SC gives indication to constitute JIT

ISLAMABAD, December 04 (Online): Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has given indication for constitution of Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to probe into Pakpattan Shrine land case
Former Prime Minister (PM) Mian Nawaz Sharif said in light mood that his experience of JIT is not somewhat good.

A 3-member bench of Supreme Court (SC) presided over by CJP Mian Saqib Nisar took up Pakpattan shrine land suo motu notice for hearing Tuesday.
Former PM Mian Nawaz Sharif appeared before the court.

At the inception of hearing of the case CJP while addressing Nawaz Sharif remarked “ you were PM of Pakistan. So many decisions of yours came before us. The orders for appointment of Atta Ul Haq Qasmi as MD PTV were not bearing your signatures.

CJP also sought Nawaz Sharif stance on his written reply on the matter related to construction of shops on Pakpattan shrine land.

Nawaz replied this is 32 years old matter and nothing like this is in my knowledge.

CJP remarked “ I tell you background of the case. The claimants of Auqaf department land filed case and High Court also maintained this land is owned by Auqaf Department .

The CJP while addressing Nawaz Sharif remarked “ the local court gave decision. You as a chief minister had no powers for denotification. You were to approve summary rather than summary. This will give impression that notification was issued with your approval.

CJP inquired “ summary might have come to you. Principal Secretary Chief minister Javed Bokhari had written that signatures were made after showing it to chief minister.

Nawaz replied there is no such order on the record which I have issued.

CJP remarked “ has fraud been committed with Auqaf department.

Nawaz replied “ the matter of incorrect number of notification had come to fore.

CJP inquired if Javed Bukhari is alive.

Nawaz replied yes he is alive.

Nawaz took the stance he thinks that some wrong thing has been done at lower level. Perhaps secretary Auqaf under his powers denotified notification of 1971.

CJP remarked “ secretary Auqaf has no such powers. One such thing has come which needs to be investigated. Tell us a procedure upon which you too are agreed.

CJP gave indication “ we get it investigated by FIA or we constitute a JIT which will ascertain the facts of the matter.

However former PM replied “ I have no objection over the investigations but my experience of JIT is not good.

People in the court burst into laughter on it.

Nawaz Sharif proposed that the matter be got investigated by some one else.

CJP remarked “ you should become judge. Dispensing justice is not only the job of courts but leader like you can also do justice. You can get it investigated on your own.

CJP while addressing Nawaz Sharif remarked “ you get the matter investigated on your own but it should not be got investigated by barrister Zafar Ullah because he has become political person.

CJP further remarked “ I want a person who has remained chief minister two times and prime minister for 3 times becomes clear.

Nawaz replied “ I agree what you are saying.

At the end of hearing CJP inquired from Nawaz Sharif what should be the procedure of investigation. Tell the court in writing.

The hearing of the case was adjourned for one week.