Pakistan’s Prosperity and How to achieve it? Through the Eyes of an Expat

By Sanniah Hassan

This is the day and age of technology, multi-media and social media websites. Every one irrespective of their age is enamored in them twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This has its pros and cons which is justified as this is the age of making things viral. On one such occasion a relative sent me the link of a YouTube video in which Junaid Akram was wishing his fellow Pakistani’s a very happy independence day. In this approximately five minute video, Akram is mostly just criticizing the actions of Pakistani’s from Saudi Arab to Islamabad [apparently, some people were seen carrying flags with Mickey Mouse on them]. Although he criticizes them for their actions, he does not do it in a degrading manner; in fact, it is actually his way of laying the foundation for what he feels passionate about – Pakola! [Or rather supporting local products and respecting the flag]

Considered by many to be the national drink [though not officially]

He claims that promoting and using products that are locally manufactured in Pakistan should be our top priority regardless of where we live. In this regard he is not wrong in saying that if we support our products whether in Pakistan or abroad, it will indefinitely and without a doubt have a constructive effect on our economy. We are always engaging in redundant debates about the government’s failure to do this or that, or not do this or that but, we never stop and question our own motifs, our own efforts. First and for most, we should look within ourselves and see if we are pro-Pakistan because if that is the case, then there is nothing that can come in the way of Pakistan’s progress. A true pro-Pakistani will invest every effort imaginable for the progress of the country whether it is in education, politics, or the socio-economic structure et cetera.

A new restaurant located in Phase 6, DHA Lahore.
A pizza bar that claims excellency in dejunking pizza.

Moreover, it is tremendously heartening to come about institutions and organizations, be it small businesses such as the Delish Pizza Bar or startup restaurants like Laxhmi Chowk [لکشمی chowk], that advocate the use of Pakistani products to help nourish our economical structure and strengthen the country. Digression aside, Pakola as Akram highlights is a genuinely Pakistani product, a carbonated drink that is supposed to taste like ice cream soda because it was introduced on the occasion of Independence Day in 1950, precisely three years after the partition of Pakistan. Pakola as some of you may know was started by a family, by the name of Telli, who later sold their rights in 2007 to the Leghari family. This delicious drink is currently produced by Mehran Bottlers and Gul Bottlers respectively.

Therefore, the prosperity and future of the country lies in proudly celebrating not only its people and culture but also its products. Instead of exporting all the good things out of the country to import products from other countries such as England, America, China, India [these are only a select few countries we import from]; the government and the common man should unite to utilize most of its local material such as cloth for jeans, leather, footballs, few items in an extensive list of objects we export on a regular basis. Perhaps it is time to take this step which although, would be only a stepping stone in the short-term picture, would be a remarkable decision in the larger picture and would enable the nation and the country to progress with leaps and bounds.