‘Ludo Star’ taking Pakistanis’ lives by storm

Numerous addictions overwhelm the lives of Pakistanis every year. Now, something new has jumped into the market this year and everyone is going gaga over it.

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As the world is keeping abreast of the rapidly changing new technology, new games and gadgets have also emerged. Pokemon Go, Flappy bird, Candy Crush and Temple Run etc. are some of the games for android and ioS users which have taken the internet by storm during the past few years.

One new sensation in the gaming world is Ludo Star which has given life to the old board Ludo game.

Ludo is one of those games that have suffered greatly after the advancement of technology. On one side, children have completely abandoned outdoor games while on the other side they have also started neglecting board and other tangible games rather glued themselves to the couches playing with their mobile phones or watching cartoons.

The only object that makes sense to them is their mobile phone equipped with playstore. Apps at the playstore are easily accessible. Ludo Star is one of the games recently launched by Indian developers named Gameberry in 2017 and surprisingly it has become an addiction for the youth.

The game is setting new records as many Pakistanis are also downloading it on daily basis. The game is being admired nationally as well as internationally. It has successfully mustered up everyone’s attention. Many are regarding it as the national game of the country. The game’s 3D preface is similar to a board game with similar colours, single dice and is pretty user-friendly.

The game can be played once a user connects it with his Facebook account or else he can also play it in guest mode. The only twist in the plot is that one can use gems to retry his turn if the player doesn’t feel satisfied with the number that came on his dice.

Ludo Star is quite addictive and it has helped to rewind the childhood days. It also has an auto-mode which makes dice rolling automatic, not letting the user roll it on every turn. The computer automatically chooses what is best for the player and that is how his turn doesn’t go wasted at all.

Here’s what people have to say about this game.

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Ludo has always been one of the games which has the ability to make and break relations. It has made several bonds stronger in Pakistan and has also broken numerous old friendships. This online game has helped people to connect with their pals, defeat random people and of course helped everyone to kill time in style.

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Many have also found it as a source of amusement for replying their Indian rivals:


Well, nothing can ever beat this legendary statement and it is too much for our opponents to handle.

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But, the only drawback this online game possesses is that the player can never turn the online board upside down if losing, unlike the tangible one. Flipping a board and throwing it away has its own charm. Nothing can ever beat it.

Pakistanis are hooked with this new game but the question is still there that when will this last?