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Pakistani student secures 2nd place in Microsoft Student Partner Program

Pakistani student Ozair Belal from Karachi stands 2nd in Microsoft Student Partner Insider Program ranking globally.

Student of PAF Karachi Institute of Economic & Technology, Ozair has keen interest in technology. While Microsoft seeks students from technology background for sponsoring them, they have introduced a special program for this purpose.

Microsoft Student Partner Program aims at assessing students of undergraduate and graduate level having technology background and Microsoft software skills.

The applications are made and accepted after shortlisting. The finally accepted students then get chances to share their knowledge and experiences with other by presentations and seminars on Microsoft products.

MSPP was initially started in 2001 in only 15 countries till 2006. It was expanded to more  35 countries in 2006 later on making it a total of 50 countries having this program. It reaches 101 countries list in 2010 having more than 2800 members from around the globe.

The members of this program get access to Microsoft’s latest softwares, development tools, industry events, reference material and training opportunities.

Some of the Student Partners after a scrutiny and selection process, are also given chances to work as internee or as as employee at Microsoft Divisions across the region.

In 2012, Ozair was selected and started working from then. He has been arranging several programs, seminars, presentations and discussion on Microsoft products sharing his knowledge about them to other students.

His work does not restrict himself to his own university but to other universities as well.

The performance of this member of MSPP was observed as outstanding in April 2015. In reward to his performance, he was designated as the President of MSPP for South Region including Baluchistan and Sindh provinces.

Ozair was also invited to attend the Microsoft Student Partner Program Worldwide Summit 2015 held at Seattle United States of America.

Pakistani students are doing really good in the field of technology and especially Computer Sciences and Information Technology.