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Pakistani players don’t work hard : Grant Flower

Batting coach of Pakistan Cricket team Grant Flower has raised some serious questions on the national sides’ players’ ability to maintain the level of fitness which is required in the modern day game.

After a terrible performance of the team in World T20, which followed Pakistan’s dismal show in the limited-over versions of the game since the last couple of years, raised questions about the players’ lack of fitness and intensity to catch up with the fast-changing game of cricket.

Zimbabwean former cricketer Flower believed that Pakistan would have done way better if the players focused on getting the best out of their practice sessions.

[quote]Our players are very inconsistent with the way they practice.[/quote]

[quote]Of course, there are a few exceptions, and it’s not surprising that those players have better records and have been more successful over a long period.[/quote]

Grant Flower added that the Pakistan cricketers need to work harder and sacrifice more if they want to do better for their country as playing at the international level require players to have an organized lifestyle.

[quote]It requires a lot of sacrifices to play for the country.[/quote]

You can break it down – mental side, reading about the game, being a good student of the game, learn every day, lifestyle, gym work, and all those things required to be a better cricketer.

Grant Flower, who became  Pakistan batting coach in 2014, criticized the players for showing almost no concern and interest when it comes to performance off the field, in the nets and at the gym.

It’s not like 20 minutes in the gym, 20 minutes in the nets, he said.

[quote]It’s about quality time, absorbing everything rather than just being seen doing the right stuff and walking away saying that I have done enough.[/quote]

He also said some Pakistan players thought they are doing enough to maintain the status of an international cricketer and getting good results.I know a lot of time they are not doing enough.

Sometimes I wish they could watch how world-class players prepare and what it takes, said the Zimbabwean.

The former Test cricketer said that it took a healthy routine to reach excellence and become one of the best in the game.

The best batsmen at the moment, Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, have routines, he said.

Its their lifestyle is getting them where they are now.