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Pakistani hackers Rock n Roll by making Indian pilots listen to Dil Dil Pakistan

Being Pakistanis, we are all obsessed with this wonderfully patriotic song ‘dil dil pakistan, jaan jaan pakistan’. It is the kind of song which increases our love for Pakistan to one hundred percent, makes us forget all worries and the way world makes us notorious for terrorism and other issues. For a little while, we ignore everything and find ourselves drowning in the beat of this song and its amazing lyrics. They never get old or rusty. Every time, we hear it, we feel anew. A new spark of happiness, hope and care glows inside our heart and no matter how many patriotic songs we listen to, this one surely stays at the top of our lists.

Have you ever wondered what the expressions of Indians will be if they’re forced to listen to ‘dil dil pakistan’? Gives you a hysterical laugh, right? You might also wonder why would an Indian be forced to listen to such a song? What is the reason behind it? How and why might the poor soul become so helpless? You feel confused, no?

Okay, so the answer to your queries is this:

Pakistani hackers have successfully been able to do one of the most hilarious tasks in history. Times of india has reported that Pakistani hackers are continuously ‘irritating’ Indian pilots by playing dil dil pakistan near their landing times. They tap into the frequency that pilots use to communicate with Jammu and Kashmir line of control and after the blockage, they play patriotic songs of Pakistan in order to entertain them to the fullest. These Indian pilots operate aircrafts near the Line of Control in Jammu.  When the frequency is hacked, they communicate through the IAF-run Northern Control in Udhampur, which calls up the Jammu tower on the landline and given them alternate frequencies. The pilots then talk to Jammu ATC on that frequency. Due to these reasons, the ATC of Jammu is changed frequently in order to rescue the poor pilots from mental torture.

While, Pakistanis enjoy sharing their songs with the neighbours, a pilot complains in the following way:

“This is a big irritant as we are in final stage of landing,”

However, the pilots are switching frequencies and doing safe landings. Yet, the distraction in their task is worth noticing.

While, a tensed atmosphere is created between the two army forces. The hackers are also busy carrying on  their cyber-war and just yesterday Pakistani hackers reported to have hacked nine thousand indian sites as a revenge of their cyber attack.