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Pakistani Citizen badly insults Nawaz Sharif on presence in London

The person in exploding and furious voice saying at first “Go Nawaz Go” Chasing Nawaz Sharif when Nawaz is moving from hospital to his car. The person follows him by saying “Poor people of Pakistan are dying and he is coming for checkup.” where as the guard are continually trying to stop him but he is in outraged anger continuously.

At the start of the video which is most probably made by cell phone. A Pakistani citizen in London outraged on Pakistani Prime minister Nawaz Shareef. PM Nawaz family which is recently involve in Panama scam.

The people of Pakistan within the border of Pakistan and abroad are quite furious on the issue of offshore companies. When Nawaz Sharif feel that the noose is getting tight around his neck. He feels the right way to move to london before getting trap.