Pakistan was behind the attack says the granddaughter of Abdul Ghaffar Khan

It’s not right to blame TTP for Baacha Khan University attack, says Yasmin Nigar Khan

The great granddaughter of Abdul Ghaffar Khan a.k.a. Baacha Khan says that Pakistan was behind the college assault in which understudies were butchered.

She has rejected the case of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) that acknowledged obligation regarding assault on Bacha Khan University, named after her extraordinary granddad, saying it was finished by Islamabad to “vitiate the brains” of Pakistani Pashtuns against the general population of Afghanistan.

In a meeting with Hindustan Times, Yasmin Nigar Khan, 42, who heads the All India Pakhtoon Jirga-e-Hind, has contended that if this is not the reason then, why might the Taliban assault the North West Frontier Province inevitably, rather than striking in the Punjab or Sindh territories?

Yasmin Nigar Khan has further said amid the meeting that the man known as the Frontier Gandhi is held in such high regard in Afghanistan that even terrorists from that nation would not assault anything named after him.

“It’s mind blowing that any Afghan would assault a college that is named after Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan. So the mainstream thought that Tehrik-e-Taliban is in charge of the assault on the Bacha Khan University is a concocted story,” Yasmin told Hindustan Times.

“I solidly trust none — not by any mean any terrorist association from Afghanistan — can do any mischief to any organizations connected with Bacha Khan.”

Yasmin said she trusts Taliban were likewise not in charge of assault on an armed force run school in Peshawar in 2014 that left almost 150 individuals dead.

“The Pakistani government and terrorist outfits bolstered by Pakistan are in charge of both the assaults. They have a double mission: first to vitiate the psyches of the Pakhtoons from the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan against the Afghans.” she said.

“Second, Pakistan needs open opinions to be (by and by) to support it’s after the late assault on the Pathankot airbase by terrorist outfits from Pakistan.”

The assault on Bacha Khan University concurred with the death anniversary of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.