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Pakistan to not compromise on it’s nuclear weapons

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is set off to meet with President Obama, this upcoming Thursday in the White House. The Prime Minister, has decided to tell President Obama that Pakistan’s capital Islamabad will not undertake the limits imposed on the usage of small tactical nukes.

The United States of America is apprehensive about the smaller size nukes that Pakistan posses and fears that the smaller bombs can be tempt the country to use it in conventional war. However, Pakistan has expressed it’s strong stance regarding this and stated that the US demand is unaccommodating. Pakistan believes that the tactical weapons would dissuade a surprise attack by its nuclear rival India.In order to convince Pakistan, Washington has also proposed to sell eight F-16 jets to Islamabad as an attempt to boost bilateral ties. However, Pakistan does not consider the offer to attractive.


According to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Stimson Center, it has been predicted that Pakistan will be ranked as the third largest nuclear stock pile holder in the coming five to ten years falling only behind to Russia and the United States. This proves to be true since Pakistan has manufactured and developed “tactical nuclear devices” which can be used at a limited scale.

It has been estimated that Pakistan is manufacturing 20 nuclear warheads annually out of fear for it’s neighboring rival India, is boosting it’s nuclear development which indicated that it will have up to 50 nuclear weapons within five to 10 years.

Moreover, it has also reported by the US think tank that Pakistan is the owner of 120 nuclear weapons as compared to India’s 100.