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Pakistan is not solely responsible to bring Talibans for negotiation

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office said on Tuesday that Pakistan is creating grave efforts for peace in Afghanistan but the country alone is not accountable to bring the Afghan Taliban on the bench for interchange.

In an outward reply to Afghan president’s current dialog, in which he said Afghanistan “no longer expects Pakistan to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table”, FO spokesman Nafees Zakaria explained that Pakistan convicts terrorism in all forms and does not discriminate between terrorist groups, adding that peacetime in Afghanistan is in the best attention of Pakistan.

Zakria restated the world that Pakistan herself is the main victim of terrorism as thousands of its citizens and security forces workers have put down their lives in the war against terror.

The FO spokesperson continued that a quadrilateral group was formed to streamline the efforts directed towards bringing peace in Afghanistan so Pakistan cannot solely be held responsible for failure on this account.

The declaration originates after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s Monday speech intimidating political comebacks against Pakistan if it declines to take action against the Taliban, in a new assertive posture after the Kabul attack left 64 people dead.

“I want to make it clear that we no longer expect Pakistan to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table,” Mr Ghani said in a sombre address to both houses of the Afghan parliament.

In the meantime, a BBC Urdu report quoting diplomatic bases asserts that An Afghan Taliban delegation based in Qatar is in Karachi for direct talks with the Afghan government.

Pakistan had held a conference was accommodated between the Afghan Government and Afghan Taliban councils in Murree on 7 July 2015 along with the representatives from China and USA.

The members were accordingly instructed by their individual management and uttered their joint desire to bring peace to Afghanistan and the region.

The second round of the talks, which was arranged to be held in Pakistan on 31 July 2015 was deferred in view of the reports concerning the death of Mullah Omar and the control crisis among Taliban.