‘Pakistan Heritage Cuisine’: Pakistani Cookbook Won Award at the 2018 Gourmand World Awards

By Atiya Riffat

‘Pakistan Heritage Cuisine – A Food Story’ is the cookbook of Pakistani, who has recently won a honor at the Gourmand World Awards, often credited as the Oscars of cookbook awards.


The ‘Pakistan Heritage Cuisine – A Food Story’, Published by Pakistan’s main and Multi-Award winning house ‘Markings Publishing’ and composed by author Sayeeda Leghari.

‘Pakistan Heritage Cuisine’ was designated in two classes: ‘Asian – Published in Asia’ and ‘Culinary Heritage’. Without a doubt, it is the main book from Pakistan to have won, and to have been named for, an award at the International Gourmand Awards this 2018. The ceremony of award occurred in Yantai, China yesterday.

It was difficult rivalry for Leghari on the grounds that her book was hollowed against seven different cookbooks from around the globe including Persian Kitchen (Israel), Korean Wife’s Secret Recipes (Hong Kong), Lickerland (USA), Asian Accented Desserts (USA), and Fast Indian Cooking (Malaysia).

The ‘Pakistan Heritage Cuisine – A Food Story’ was discharged last November and dives into the history and advancement of the Pakistani cooking.

Leghari’s book dives into the history and advancement of Pakistani food, presenting insightful details like how the Nizam of Hyderabad Mir Qamaruddin utilized the Kulcha naan’s symbol on his flag and uncovering the inventor of biryani who was Empress Nur Jahan.

“Through hearsay or documented evidence, I have tried giving the background of the creation of various dishes, which have come into our homes and daily lives, and while doing this I have celebrated our unsung cooks and chefs,” said Leghari at the launch of the book in November last year.

Composed by Sayeeda Leghari and published by Markings, ‘Pakistan Heritage Cuisine – A Food Story’ is accessible at Liberty Books outlets crosswise over Pakistan, Book Mark and online at www.kitabain.com for PKR 5,000.