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Pakistan gives dossier to UNGA about Kashmir atrocities

The Envoys informed Mr. Thomson about the grave danger to peace and security postured by the decaying human rights circumstances in Jammu and Kashmir as a consequence of India’s suppression of the Kashmiri struggle. Dr. Ali dwelt upon the killings of guiltless and peaceful Kashmiri demonstrators and wounds brought about by the utilisation of beastly drive by Indian occupation powers. She likewise told the PGA that the utilization of pellet firearms, blinding hundreds including kids, ladies and men, was an especially primitive appearance of the utilization of power.

Congressperson Mushahid Hussain advised the PGA about the war agitation stirred by India to occupy world consideration from its severe activity to stifle the honest to goodness request of the Kashmiri individuals for self determination. He emphasised that the progressing development was indigenous and was started by the extra legal murdering of youth pioneer and symbol, Burhan Wani.

He additionally said that India had shut all ways to reciprocal discourse, left a territorial summit and at the universal level, declined to actualize Security Council resolutions. This, Senator Hussain said, represented an unavoidable danger to peace and security in the region.

The President of the General Assembly communicated worry at the circumstance and guaranteed the meeting Envoys that he would do everything conceivable to “cultivate peace”. He additionally said that he would get a report on the present circumstance from the UN Department of Peace Keeping Operations.

Representative Mushahid told the PGA that one-fifth of humankind dwells in South Asia and accordingly peace and security and the eventual fate of the area ought to concern the worldwide group. He additionally told the PGA that India has raised the temperature hanging in the balance of control and this acceleration went up against the region with an expanding risk to peace.

The two Special Envoys likewise advised the authorities of the Department of Peace Keeping Operations on quickening pressures along the Line of Control. They repeated Prime Minister’s proposition to extend operations of the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) to maintain a strategic distance from such circumstances.

Office for Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) authorities advised the Special Envoys on the proceeded with non-participation by the Indian side, hampering the ordered work of the UN Mission. They were incredibly energetic about Pakistan’s collaboration with the Mission, and its part as one of the world’s top troop benefactors to UN Peace Keeping Missions.

The two Parliamentarians prior had an intelligent session with delegates of the Kashmiri Diaspora. Representative Hussain guaranteed them of Pakistan’s proceeded with good, political and strategic support to the Kashmiri cause in their mission for their entitlement to self-assurance.

He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had dispatched Special agents to important capitals of the world to notify the global group of the despicable human rights circumstances in Occupied Kashmir and to bolster support for the Kashmiri battle for their entitlement to self-determination.