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Pakistan fulfilling nuclear nonproliferation vows: envoy

New York: Pakistan has taken ample steps to strengthen nuclear safety requirement for the membership of Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG), a group comprising 48 nations which regulate the trade in nuclear technology.

Pakistan’s permanent ambassador to United Nations, Maleeha Lodhi has said that Pakistan expects that a non-discriminatory and merit-based approach is exercised for extending the membership of Nuclear Supplier Group which strengthens the nonproliferation regime.

Ambassador Lodhi said Pakistan had enforced a broad export control regime, took part in NSG summit, signed the 2005 amendment to the Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material, declared unilateral moratorium on further nuclear testing and reiterated its willingness to translate it into agreement on test ban with India.

All of these factors establish its eligibility to become a NSG member, she said while deliberating on non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

On the other hand, India has not signed the agreement on the pact of nonproliferation of weapons around the world and China also opposes India for this reason.

Maleeha Lodhi added that it was very depressing to see the lack of progress by states with nuclear weapons in fulfilling their disarmament obligations. As disarming and non-proliferation are linked to each other, it is delusive to expect progress on one without movement on the part of the other.

“Differences in state capacities compounded challenges to addressing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,” she concluded.