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Pakistan disrupt terror plots against US: said Obama

WASHINGTON: On Thursday, US President Barack Obama appreciated Pakistan’s ongoing efforts to defeat and degrade the al Qaeda and its affiliates, while noting that it had disrupted the terror plots against the US homeland as the both sides renewed their efforts to resolve and counter all forms of extremism and the terrorism in the region. 

On Thursday during a bilateral meeting between a high powered delegation led by the Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef and the president Obama at the White House. The two parties discussed the wide range of bilateral and regional issues, particularly the terrorism in the South Asia.

Obama, while acknowledging the sacrifices rendered by Pakistani security forces in the region, noted how it had degraded the ability of militants to plan and execute terror attacks – especially against Americans,” according to the joint statement of the meeting.

In the June last year, Pakistan has launched a military operation in its militant’s infested tribal areas along the borders with the Afghanistan which was named as the operation Zarb e Azab.

Moreover, Nawaz Shareef thanked the US for its support to the Pakistan to fight against the terrorism capacity. The Prime Minister said that, “under the National Action Plan (NAP) they were working to ensure that Pakistan’s territory is not used against any other country. But he pointed out that this is an obligation on all countries in the region.”

Whereas Pakistan has accused the neighboring countries of sponsoring and supporting the terrorism within the borders of the country. The evidences have already being shared by the Pakistan about the activities planned in the Afghanistan. Nawaz Shareef foreign policy advisor Sartaj Aziz had handed three dossiers to the US secretary of state John Kerry, containing evidences of the Indian involvement I the terrorist activities inside the Pakistan.

Nawaz Shareef said while outlining the actions under NAP that, “they will ensure that Taliban, including Haqqani Network, are not able to operate from Pakistan. Further, Nawaz said that Pakistan would take effective action against United Nations-designated terror entities including the likes of Lashkar-e-Taiba and its affiliates. They expressed satisfaction at joint efforts against groups like Da’esh, as Nawaz expressed Pakistan’s firm resolve to prevent the group from establishing a footprint in the country.”

Obama on the other hand commended, “Pakistan on facilitating and eventually hosting the first round of talks between Kabul and the Afghan Taliban. Committing to advancing an Afghans¬owned and led peace and reconciliation process between Kabul and the Afghan Taliban, they jointly called on Taliban leaders to enter into direct talks with Kabul and work toward a sustainable peace settlement.

Whereas Obama reiterated a commitment to strengthen the bilateral ties to expand the cooperation between both public and the private sectors in the coming future.

President Obama also condemned the attack on the Army Public School in the Peshawar which happened last December.