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Pakistan could be included in immigration ban list in future, says White House

Get ready for a surprise from Trump; there is a possibility in the future of including Pakistan in the list of countries from where immigration would be banned, a top White House official indicated on Sunday, acknowledging for the first time that Pakistan was under consideration to be put in that category.

White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, in an interview on Sunday, clarified that it was not a Muslim ban.

“You can point to other countries that have similar problems like Pakistan and others – perhaps we need to take it further,” said Priebus.

This is for the first time that the Trump Administration has publicly acknowledged about considering putting Pakistan into that list.

Currently as per the executive order, visitors from countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan are subject to extreme vetting.

Priebus said the executive orders were signed after a lot of planning. “We’re not going to advertise to the world that we’re going to put a stop or at least a further vetting on travel in and out of our country from these seven places,” he said.

The official claimed that the seven countries included in the suspension were selected by the Congress and the Obama administration, as the countries were most identifiable with terrorism taking place in their country.

He reaffirmed that President Trump was merely following up on his campaign promises.

US President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday putting a ban on entry of Muslims from seven countries and suspending the entire US refugee resettlement program.

Civil liberties groups and activists had slammed Trump in advance, arguing that it was inhumane not to distinguish between victims of war-torn regions and extremists.