Pakistan conveys concerns to Afghanistan regarding use of its soil in Charsadda attack

ISLAMABAD: On Monday, the Foreign Office summoned Afghan Syed Abdul Nasir Yousafi, according to a statement issued from the Foreign office, to convey the concerns of Pakistan regarding the use of Afghan soil by the terrorist elements in the University attack of Peshawar.

Investigations revealed the perpetrators of the deadly attack on the varsity were operating from Afghan territory and used the Afghan telecommunication network.

They must take action against the perpetrators of the terrorist attack and extend cooperation to Pakistani authorities in order to bring them to justice who was also conveyed to Afghanistan, the statement added.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Sunday said initial investigation into the Bacha Khan University attack revealed that the attackers came from Afghanistan.

At least 21 people were killed when unidentified gunmen entered Bacha Khan University in Khyber Pakhtunkha’s Charsadda town Wednesday and opened fire on students and faculty members.

Unidentified gunmen entered Bacha Khan University in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Charsadda town Wednesday and opened fire on students and faculty members as they gathered at the school for a poetry recital to commemorate the death anniversary of the activist and leader whom the school is named after.

A spokesperson from the TTP, Mohammad Khorasani, issued a conflicting statement shortly after Mansoor’s claim, in which Khorasani condemned the attack, terming it against Shariah.

Lt.Gen Asim Bajwa stated that the university premises have been cleared and four attackers have been killed. Security personnel, including Special Services Group (SSG) personnel were tasked with clearing the university premises and securing the civilians inside.

The director general of the military’s media wing shared details of the probe into the January 20 brutal attack on the Bacha Khan University in Charsadda which had claimed at least 21 lives.

Security forces also cordoned off a one-storey house, situated around a kilometer from the university’s boundary wall, where three terrorists were believed to be holed up. It was later declared clear by military personnel.

Provincial Minister Shah Farman told journalists 54 security guards were stationed at the university. He said around 200 people were present in the examination hall, all of whom were rescued and timely action by police and army has prevented large scale damage.

The medical superintendent at District Headquarter Hospital, Charsadda confirmed 18 dead. DHQ Charsadda’s officials also stated that casualties had cuts on the bodies, probably inflicted from a sharp-edged weapon.

At least three to four security guards were injured, an eye witness who managed to come out of the premises said. The Associated Press quoted police as saying gunmen killed an assistant professor and a student in the attack.