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Pakistan brushes off statements regarding nuclear power

UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan has brushed off the statements from states which point out Pakistan but be unsuccessful to take essential steps themselves.

Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi while talking in a sitting of the UN Disarmament Commission which is a subordinate of the General Assembly stated that a few of nuclear weapon states sponsor asceticism for others but are reluctant to give up their large records of nuclear weapons or their up gradation.

This doublespeak has only aggravated the sense of insecurity among other states, the envoy stated to the 35-member commission.

“Instead of fulfilling their legal disarmament obligations, these States have almost exclusively pursued non-proliferation with messianic zeal,” added the envoy. “This gap between legality and reality has eroded the global faith in the mutually reinforcing nature of these processes.”

Suggesting concerning the US-India nuclear deals, Ambassador Lodhi stated that some nuclear weapon states have also decided biased nuclear assistance contracts and aided grant losses in an unlucky parting from extended held non-proliferation philosophies.

Lodhi stated that the development towards nuclear demilitarization is being overdue and stalled by some who wish to distract the Conference on Disarmament’s focus to fractional non-proliferation procedures such as a Fissile Materials Cut Off Treaty (FMCT).

Restating Pakistan’s place on the FMCT, Maleeha stated that a treaty that is biased in nature and does not talk about the current stocks of fissile material would impose on the security of some states while being cost free for those with the main sums of fissile stocks.

Ambassador Lodhi stated that there was no establishment in the treaty chosen by some states that would compel a measureable or qualitative upsurge in nuclear weapons.

Pakistan therefore cannot support an unequal treaty that has direct implications for our national security, she added.

Ambassador Lodhi also clarified that as an answerable nuclear state, Pakistan’s nuclear policy is formed by the developing security dynamics in South Asia. “Our nuclear capability is geared towards assuring our security and self-defence, based on credible minimum deterrence”, she added.

Quoting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s speech to the General Assembly last year in which he said “Pakistan neither wants to, nor is engaged in, an arms race in South Asia”.