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Pakistan, Azerbaijan agree for joint military training

Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev in a joint press conference with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday said both nations have examined plans for joint military training between their armed forces.

“Pakistan has an extremely created barrier industry. We talked about definite collaboration around there… So we can cooperate to set up joint generation,” said President Aliyev.

The Azerbaijan president said both nations had talked about arrangements for joint military preparing too.

“Political contacts will proceed with,” he said, and both nations have examined how to expand levels of exchange.

“What we can fare to each other will be firmly tended to in the coming months,” he said.

President Aliyev likewise expressed that go between the two nations would get to be less demanding after an electronic visa framework was executed.

Head administrator Nawaz Sharif required all territorial and worldwide issues to be determined through exchange and quiet means and inside the universal laws.

“Our common support on the issue of Kashmir vouches for the nearby comprehension of our two nations. I value Azerbaijan’s support for Pakistan’s position on Kashmir which calls for determination through discourse and serene means,” the PM said. “The shared support ought to remain immovably set up,” he expressed.

“We have marked a joint revelation that portrays our common position to differentiate our conciliatory relations. We look to advance our relations in the fields of economy, venture, exchange and back,” he said.

This is PM Nawaz’s first visit to Azerbaijan on the welcome of President Aliyev. He is joined by an abnormal state appointment and will hold converses with the president and leader of Azerbaijan.

Financial collaboration, including exchange and speculation, are to be the center of their discussions.

They will likewise trade sees on local and worldwide issues of common enthusiasm, with specific consideration regarding the circumstance in South Asia.