Paedophilia: the Residing Misery of our Nation

Endangered lives of innocent souls

In Pakistan, every one of the four children is subject to paedophilia. These vicious and filthy figures continue to thrive in our country unabated. It is our ethical responsibility to purify our society from them.

The nation has still not dried up its tears for the innocent Zainab when we heard of other similar cases. The whole nation grieved about the innocent six-years-old and how she was abducted, raped and brutally murdered. Not only Zainab but hundreds of children are abused in Madrasas and households as well. Laws alone can’t stop this demon from devouring our kids. Laws are useless unless implemented effectively. Millions of kids suffer due to the negligence of the parents and teacher, impotency of the lawmakers, and the apathy of our society at large.

Exacting Justice of a Mother for a Qari-the Rapist

Many cases are been reported of the children been abused by their Qari Sahib, “ a religious figure” in our society.

Following is that painful documentary which reveals the dark secrets of our society and how kids suffer in silence and in misery if they survive the sexual assault.

A very well known documentary “Pakistan’s Hidden Shame” has exposed the brutal reality of our country, where homeless children are fallen prey to truck drivers, servants, uncles, etc. After their long tiring day, they feel free to use innocent souls for their sexual desires. The delicacy of children triggers them to abuse them.

In an interview, CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour said that the director of the documentary told her, “ Pedophiles by their very nature are inadequate, it’s about power over children.”

One of the reasons for this dilemma can be poverty. People expect to work for money in any case. About ninety percent of the pedophiles are men. There are different categories of molestation and abuse, many times, it is a forcible rape.

Over the centuries, child-molestation has occurred and it has various stages. J. Garcia in her report i.e. A mirror of our culture has talked about the fact that mainly pedophiles are the immature, passive and dependent men who faced poverty throughout their childhood or had repressive and abusive parents.

In America, the ice cream truck driver was reported to be a child molester. Many similar cases were reported in USA including a pedophilia case in New Jersey. The world has not yet found the absolute way to cleanse society from this one evil identity. Many governments had passed laws including the Pakistani government, which passed a child protection system bill in 2014. Also, after Zainab’s incident, many laws have been made. Although her rapist was convicted and sentenced, it also needs awareness and vigilance on part of the parents to give their kids a protected environment.

Parents lack in the education regarding their children’s sexuality. Children must be taught, at home and in schools, through workshops, seminars, and conferences to be aware of the sexual predators and to understand the signs which could lead to an untoward situation. Children are most vulnerable when they experience the encounter. They must be protected and regulations must be put on the sinners and on the predators for destroying the lives of the innocent souls.