Overweight, short height hinder life prospects

A study initiated that people who are bulky or petite in height may have smaller amount life probabilities than their normal-weight or taller peers.

“Higher socioeconomic status is generally thought to cause taller stature and lower BMI owing to higher standards of nutrition in childhood,” state the authors.

Prof. Frayling stated that even though they were not surprised by the findings observing that they by this time knew there was a solid connection between height, BMI and socioeconomic status the results do hut light on which course this connotation goes.

Nevertheless, Prof. Frayling states that it is significant to memo that there are many very successful people who are overweight and shorter in height, noting that the findings represent a “subtle average effect.”

Moreover, he stated that it is likely the answers might imitate parental conditions, because we share our genes and social circumstances with our parents. “But if that were the case, we don’t think we would have seen the sex-specific effects that we did,” he added.

It might be particularly important for economists, he said, because they are interested in knowing whether or not obesity will damage productivity in the work place.