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Our judicial system has failed, says Sirajul Haq

Nowshehra: Ameer of Jamaat-e Islami (JI) Sirajul Haq has said that our judicial system has failed because it remained unsuccessful in providing timely justice to the poor people of Pakistan.

He added that justice is being provided to the people who either have died or they have completed their jail term.

Sirajul Haq informed that no progress is real progress if it is done against the rules and teachings of Islam.

Siraj went on to say that we have to make this judicial system as per the Islamic teachings otherwise we will have no way to go.

He informed that a particular group has made our whole political and administrative system hostage. JI leader said this while he was addressing a huge rally at Nowshehra.

He said Allah has conferred us with all kinds of resources but we have incapable and corrupt leaders who are unfortunately leading us.

He added that we have lot of resources in terms of gold, silver and oil and these resources are much more than those of Saudi Arabia but we can’t utilize these resources because some particular groups have established a status quo in our country.

Our leaders are saying Pakistan is a developed country. If, according to them we are living in a developed country, then why every Pakistani has to pay back more than one hundred thousand rupees?

He went on to say that the people who are controlling this country are the slaves of Americans and Jews.

“A lot of money is being utilized to contest elections and Election Commission of Pakistan and Supreme Court are sitting silent”, JI leader said this adding that the election is a selection on the basis of money.

He asserted that some groups have captured our thoughts and made us their slaves in order to govern us. At the end, he announced jihad and massive movement against the corruption and the system of status quo.