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Our film industry again in trouble: analysis by Tariq Masood

Lahore: After the creation of Pakistan, the extraordinary talent strived to stand Pakistan film industry and made best movies of the time.

But after the critical border tensions between Pakistan and India, the Indian films were banned in Pakistan and demands of Pakistani film makers were fulfilled in order to enhance the importance of Lollywood made movies.

But a question rises that do these movies would be able to attract the people to cinemas?

The Pakistani film industry has been down falling after the 70s and now our producers are unable to create movies that can attract number of people to cinemas.

Moreover, the film industry fell down in a way that owners of cinemas in Lahore city had to convert their cinemas into buildings and plazas as they were making very low income.

A time came when only 12 movies were available in cinemas which became the reason of abolishing cinemas from the face of the earth. But interestingly, the Indian movies gave a new life to these cinemas.

On account of these types of changes and additions, the cinemas gave new look to them and here started a new era.

Now, a demand has also been raised that these cinemas must show Pakistani movies but it’s a fact that the movies that have been made by Pakistan film industry is not capable to attract more viewers.

Cinema industry in Karachi was interested in making movies with domestic actors and actresses but such type of thinking can’t be endured by Lahore based film-makers.

Now our film industry is again in trouble because they don’t have many movies to show to Pakistanis.